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The Bishop issued a mandate on 17 August 1911 for the canonical opening of the tomb of the Servant of God Devasahayam Pillai in 1913, on the occasion of the repairing of the pavement of St. Francis Xavier's Cathedral, Kottar.
Bishop of Quilon, 1905-1931

Bishop Lawrence Pereira wrote to the Jesuit Provincial who was then residing at Tiruchy, with a view to "bring to light the hidden documents" connected with the life and death of Devasahayam Pillai. There is no record of any reply received from the Jesuit Provincial.
First Bishop of Kottar

During tenure as Bishop of Kottar, he was interested to canonically begin the process of the Cause. With this in mind he published a circular letter read throughout the diocese probably in the year 1964. It is the same Bishop Agniswamy who published the first prayer for the Canonization of Martyr Devasahayam Pillai.
Second Bishop of Kottar

Third Bishop of Kottar
The Servant of God Devasahayam was a layman and it seems quite fitting that the first move in our times for efforts towards his beatification was taken by a group of laity of the diocese of Kottar. After a meeting of the representatives of the laity of diocese, a group of them consisting of 1) Mr. Amalagiri Anthonimuthu (a fifth-generation family member of Poet Thomman Thiru Muthu, who was in prison with Devasahayam Pillai), a member of beatification committee of Bl. Alphonsa and the one to initiate the process among the laity, 2) Mr. Antony Thamburan, a Tamil scholar and a recent convert and 3) Mr. P. J. Dhas, a deputy director of All-India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram, met Bishop M. Arokiasamy, and requested him to initiate the process for beatification in a canonical manner, by an appointment of Beatification Committee: The Committee consisted of six persons under the name "Beatification Committee" to take concerted efforts towards the beatification of Devasahayam Pillai. He also nominated Rev. Fr. Leon A. Tharmaraj (who later became the fourth bishop of Kottar) as "the spiritual guide" of the first Official Beatification Committee.

The first version of the prayer for beatification of the Servant of God Devasahayam Pillai was written by Bishop. M. Arokiasamy, himself and it was released on 05 Jan. 1985

Presentation of Souvenir to Pope John Paul II with Inscription of Devasahayam Pillai: His Holiness Pope Blessed John Paul II visited Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) on 05 Feb. 1986. Bishop M. Arokiasamy and some representatives from the diocese of Kottar presented a souvenir to the Holy Father at the Public meeting, with an inscription on the Servant of God Devasahayam on one side, and the other side that of St. Francis Xavier, Patron of the Diocese.

Mgr.V. Soosaimarian
Vicar General
This group started off the process with the observance of "Martyr Devasahayam Day" on 14 Jan. 1985 by a concelebrated Mass in Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Kattadimalai, presided over by Mgr. V. Soosaimarian, the Vicar General.